You can filter the visitor list in the Agent Console in order to focus on specific visitors and chats.The filter option is on the upper left side of the screen. 

Various filters are available in the Agent Console to help you view visitors in the widest or most focused view depending on your needs.

Note: The exact filters that are available vary depending on the type of LivePerson account, and may also be limited by account administrators and user permissions.

The filter setting appears on the toolbar immediately above the visitor list in the Agent Console, and also in the View > Filter menu.  The menu may also show you the number of visitors shown on each filter level.

Available Filter Levels

All Visitors

Shows all visitors to tagged pages on your website. Pages must have the LivePerson monitor tag (LPTag) correctly embedded.

All Chats

Shows visitors who are:

  • currently chatting

  • after chat (still on site, and/or awaiting agent survey completion)

  • queued or invited for chat.

This filter may include chats that the agent is permitted to view, but not to take. With voice enabled accounts, this filter additionally displays all current, completed and queued voice calls (as well as chats) for the account.

All Alerts

Shows all site visitors for whom there is an Agent Alert. Visitors without an Agent Alert are not included.

Skill Visitors

This shows all site visitors (and chats) assigned to the same skill(s) to which this agent belongs. This filter is not available in all account types.

Skill Chats

All visitors in chat, after chat, currently queued or invited for chat in skills to which this agent belongs. This filter may include chats that the agent is permitted to view, but not to take.

My Call Queue

This filter is unique to voice-enabled accounts. It displays current, completed and queued calls as well as chats for this agent.

My Chats Queue

This shows visitors currently chatting, after chat, or currently queued for chat with this agent only. If all agents are at their maximum limit for chats, new incoming chats are not assigned to an agent until one becomes available. During this time, these unassigned chats appear in the workspace for all agents in the relevant skill.

My Chats

All visitors currently in chat or after chat with this specific agent only. Note: This filter does not show queued/waiting chats so it is only recommended for those accounts using the auto-accept chat feature.


Note: You may see a popup indicating that there are too many visitors in your current filter. This occurs on sites with large volumes of traffic. In this case, you should switch to a filter with fewer visitors.