The Data Access service and Admin Console reports were designed for different purposes and provide different data:

  • Data Access is designed to provide a solution for Enterprises that want to integrate LivePerson data with external Data Warehouses (DWH) and BI systems in order to create their own customized reports.

  • Admin Console reports provide metrics that have been aggregated and calculated by LivePerson.

Data extracted by the LivePerson Data Access service cannot be compared to data in Admin Console reports because each system provides data that is processed by different reporting systems using different logic. The following table provides a comparison of the 2 data systems:


Data Access Service

Admin Console Reports


To integrate LivePerson data into DWH and BI systems, create customized reports based on customer data with
LivePerson data

Easily produce reports on pre-calculated metrics from LivePerson

Target Customers

Enterprise customers

All LivePerson customers

Data Level

Raw data

Aggregated data and calculated metrics

Data Availability

Within 3 hours 76% of the data is available
Within 6 hours 99% of the data is available
Within 24 hours 100% of the data is available

Within 3 hours of session end

Time Zone


Set by user per report

Implementation Effort

High and complex (a few months)

Quick and easy (minutes)

Additional ways of extracting LivePerson data:

  • If customers would like to extract Admin Console metrics as is, they can use the LivePerson Report Export.

  • If customers would like to get operational data in real time, they can use LivePerson Operational Real Time APIs (put link to Nation API article - comparison).


Data Access Admin Console Reports Raw RIFs compare