Salesforce authentication settings allow you to hide the LivePerson administrator login credentials (username and password) from other agents using your Salesforce account.


To hide the LivePerson login in Salesforce:

  1. In Salesforce, click the LivePerson Configuration tab.

  2. In the Authentication Settings area, select the Manual radio button.


NOTE: Hiding the LivePerson login credentials results in the following:

  • The password is displayed as asterisks (****) to other operators in Salesforce

  • The username is only used to retrieve chats via Salesforce. It becomes unavailable for operators in Salesforce

  • This setting does not require an additional LivePerson seat (license)

You can create a LivePerson user (in the Admin Console, under User Set Up > Operators) with appropriate chat export permissions. Name this new user Salesforce and use it for the Salesforce integration.