Word reports identify the volume and sentiment of words that are used in your unstructured text. They enable you to
quickly see the topics and themes being discussed in the text without having to read through all of the verbatim. In addition,
Word reports display statistics about words found in the unstructured text.

You use Word reports when you want data relating to specific words. For example:

  1. A customer uses a specific word and you want to find similar words used in the transcripts. (was "When a customer uses
    a word and you want to find any relevant words."
  2. You want to find out how many times a certain word was used.


  1. In the Report On list, select Word.
  2. Select Visualization, Additional Metric, Sort Metric, and Sampling values.

  3. From the Model drop down list, select the desired data model.

  4. From the Category Tree, choose a category.

  5. Click Run Now.



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