Relationship reports display volume, sentiment, and additional metrics for linguistic relationships found in the unstructured text.
These reports give you an idea of the most common topics and themes being discussed by customers by showing the most
commonly paired words or phrases in a particular category.

You use Relationship reports when you want to know the types of things that are being said in context. For example: 

  1. When customers talk about payment are they mentioning credit cards?

  2. What are people saying about our shipping process?


  1. In the Report On list, select Relationship.

  2. Select Visualization, Additional Metric, Sort Metric, and Sampling values.

  3. From the Model drop down list, select the desired data model.

  4. From the Category Tree, choose a category.

  5. Click Run Now.

Note: The word before the -> symbol occurs first in the phrase.


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