There are two methods to route visitor chats to a skill

  • By adding a skill question to a Pre-Chat Survey
  • By assigning a skill to a chat button / invitation

emptyStringNOTE:  If you implemented both of the methods,  the following routing priority is applied:

  1. A response to a skill question in a Pre-Chat Survey
  2. A skill that was assigned to a chat  button / invitation


To route visitor chats by adding a skill question to a Pre-Chat Survey:

  1. After creating the required skills, enter the Admin Console
  2. Click  Visitor Experience > Chat > Surveys (tab)
  3. If you have more than one survey, a list of surveys is displayed. Click on the requested survey 
  4. From the Select a Survey Type drop down menu (at the top of the page), select the Pre Chat option
  5. From the question list, click on the skill type question With whom would you like to chat?
    Questions details are displayed
  6. Make sure that the Visible check box is checked
  7. From the Choose Skills section, click on one of the requested skills and click Add.  Then, repeat the action in order to add additional skills to this question.
    NOTE: You can also select several skills at once by pressing and holding Shift while clicking on the requested skills.
  8. Click Updates Done to save the changes
    The next time your Pre-Chat survey is displayed, the visitor will be able to choose a skill from the drop down menu. Once the visitor  selects the requested skill,  the chat  will be routed to that skill.


    emptyStringNOTE: If your visitor selects a skill that is currently offline, an Offline survey will be displayed to the visitor.

To route visitor chats by assigning a skill to an invitation / chat button: 

  1. After creating a required skill, enter the LiveEngage platform.
  2. From the upper menu, click Chat.


  3. Click Create new invitation / embedded button / sticky button (according to what you are planning to create).

    create new liveengage

  4. Click Advanced configuration.

    click advance configuration

  5. From the Skill drop down menu, select the relevant skill.

    select support

    Click Continue to proceed creating the invitation / chat button.

After the invitation / chat button is published, the visitors who click this invitation / chat button will be routed to the skill that they selected.

route skill liveengage chat button assign invitation pre chat question redirect assign