Emails sent through the Agent Console are blocked by the recipient's spam filtering systems

Possible cause: 

When you send an email via the Agent Console, it is sent on behalf of the email address that is defined in your account settings.

The email recipients can refer to the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record on your DNS (Domain Name System) server in order to determine whether this email is sent from an authorized mail server. If it determines that the email comes form unauthorized server, the email will be blocked by the spam filtering system.
When the LivePerson IP ranges are not listed on the SPF record on your DNS server, spam filters recognize the outgoing email as a forged email. As a result, the email is blocked.


In order to prevent blocking of your emails by the visitors' spam filtering systems, make sure that LivePerson IP ranges are included in the SPF record on your DNS server. For details, please see Configuring your Firewall for the LiveEngage Workspace.