Desktop Notifications are notifications that a browser displays on a user's desktop, regardless of the active program / app. LiveEngage uses Desktop Notifications to alert you when there's a new incoming chat, or when a new response is received from the client.

This article describes how to enable, disable, and or restrict Desktop Notifications in your browsers.

LiveEngage Desktop Notifications for Incoming Chats  
Desktop Notification

To enable Desktop Notifications:

  1. Upon logging into LiveEngage for the first time (from a specific browser), the browser prompts you to enable Desktop Notifications.
  2. Click Allow or Show (the message varies depending on the browser) to enable LiveEngage Desktop Notifications from the browser.
 Note: Desktop Notifications are not available in Internet explorer. Chrome Request to Enable LiveEngage Desktop Notifications 

Chrome Desktop Notifications
Firefox Request to Enable LiveEngage Desktop Notifications 
Firefox Desktop Notifications
Safari Request to Enable LiveEngage Desktop Notifications  
Safari Desktop Notifications

Once notification is enabled, you will receive LiveEngage Desktop Notifications for incoming chats as shown here:
Desktop Notification

To disable Desktop Notifications in Chrome:

Follow the instructions in Chrome Help for Turn notifications on or off.

To disable Desktop Notifications in Firefox:

  1. Inside the LiveEngage, right-click a page and choose View Page Info.
  2. Go to the Permissions tab.
  3. Scroll all the way to the bottom, until you see the Show Notifications option.
  4. Either leave as default, or uncheck the defaul option and select from the rest.

To disable Desktop Notifications in Safari:

In the browser, navigate to Settings > Preferences > Safari > Notifications.