Macros are tags that you can insert into a system message, and will be replaced by dynamic information each time the message is presented to the visitor.
Macros can be used  to communicate the average wait time or queue placement to your visitors to set their expectations.
There are several variables available in the system messages:
  • AvgWaitMinutes - displays the average number of minutes the visitor will have to wait in queue.
  • AvgWaitSeconds - displays the average number of seconds the visitor will have to wait in queue.
  • QueueLength - Indicates how many other visitors are in queue for chat.
  • PlaceInQ - Indicates the current visitor's position in the queue.
  • Name - Indicates the name entered in the pre-chat survey.
  • Email - Indicates the email address entered in the pre-chat survey.
  • Ticket - Indicates the current ticket number (Available in Contact Center and above)


To add custom variables do the following: 
  1. In your Admin Console, click Content Management > Chat >System Messages(tab). Select the event that you would like to customize.
    NOTE: The Macros available column indicates only the macros available for use within the System Message texts, If a certain event does not include macros, the "Macros Available" column will be empty.
  2. Customize the selected system message with your own text. To include a macro, simply insert the macro as it appears in the Macros Available column enclosed within curly brackets {}.
For example:
Welcome to Finerwine! An online representative will be with you shortly.
You are number {PlaceInQ} in the queue. Your wait time will be approximately {AvgWaitMinutes} minute(s) and {AvgWaitSeconds} seconds. Thank you for waiting.
3. Click the Update all Messages button to save the changes. Changes will take effect immediately upon the next chat received.
emptyStringNOTE: You can also use HTML in your system messages to deliver customized HTML content.

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