In addition to the predefined Exit Survey, LivePerson allows you to create your own customized Exit Survey. Creating  a customized Exit Survey allows you to apply your own design, and create your own set of questions.  


Page Code Builder

Locate the following codeד in the chat button: 

and replace it with:
file=visitorWantsToChat&postChatURL= should reflect the page you want to refer the visitors to when they close the chat window and are sent to the exit survey page.

Page Code Builder & LiveEngage Platforms

Another way to create your own custom exit survey without creating a new button code is to enter the following code into the Survey Heading of the Exit Survey; this is particularly useful if you are using LiveEngage or the Page Code Builder.

You can add the following code in the Admin Console, in the Visitor Experience > Chat > Surveys >Exit :
<script type="text/javascript">

Also, in the event that you need a custom size for your survey window, you can easily define the size by adding the window.resizeto(Width,Height) parameter:
<script type="text/javascript">

Exit Survey


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