LivePerson enables you to import and export canned responses for non-English languages.


Importing canned responses:
  • Using the XML format - The success of XML imports depends on the encoding tag in the XML document header. LivePerson uses this tag to convert the text into the language of the account. If the XML encoding tag in the document does not correctly reflect the character set of the text, then corrupted characters may be displayed.
    Example of encoding tag: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
  • Using the CSV format  - the non-English canned reponses can be imported only when they are encouded in the UTF-16 ("Little Endian") format.
    To convert your non-English text into the UTF-16, use File > Save As in Microsoft Excel, and select Save as type: Unicode Text. Ensure you change the filename extension from .txt to .csv before clicking Save.
Exporting canned responses:
  • Using the XML format- LivePerson currently exports canned responses according to the language of the account (configured in Account Set Up > Settings). If the account is set as Multi-Language, the encoding will be UTF-8, otherwise the language-specific encoding will be used. 
    For the XML schema file for exporting canned responses, click here.
  • Using the CSV format - Select the Multilingual support for MS Excel.  This will export the text using UTF-16 "Little Endian" format.
    emptyStringNOTE:  LivePerson is aware of an issue with CSV where the Multilingual support option is used and there are line breaks in the canned answers. This will be resolved in a future release. Meanwhile, we recommend using the XML format for exporting the canned responses.

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