The following article outlines the steps required to create a rule that automatically invites visitors on a specific page of your site to chat after a predetermined number of seconds.

emptyStringNOTE: This content is not relevant for customers that use the LiveEngage platform. 

  1. From the Admin Console, go to Rules > Visitor Rules (Click Advanced View when you see it near the bottom).
  2. Under View rule types make sure in the drop down list it is set to When Visitor Enters page.
  3. Click Add Rule and define a rule name.
  4. Click Add condition to create a new condition and select Browsing-Current Page from the drop down list. A new drop down box is displayed.
  5. Select the exact phrase (ignore case) and enter the URL of the page you want the invitation to pop up on in the next empty text box.


emptyStringNOTE: If your web site’s main page is then you should fill in in the text box.

Click the green checkmark button to save the condition.

6. Click Add Action and select Visitor Experience. Under the Actions select Invite visitor for chat after Time on page and define the number of seconds to wait before inviting the visitor. You will also need to define which invitation set to display when inviting the visitor.


7. Press the green checkmark button to save settings and click Update All at the bottom of the page.

8. Click Submit all changes to save the new rule.

emptyStringNOTE:  It is essential to have monitor tags on your site placed directly before the tag for rules to fire correctly.

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