emptyStringNOTE: This content is not relevant for customers that use LP Chat over the LiveEngage platform.

In addition to the wide variety of standard chat invitations, LivePerson offers you the option to create your own invitations tailored to meet the design requirements of your site.


Chat invitations are the images your visitors see when you proactively initiate chats with them. Essentially, this is an image which appears on the visitor's screen encouraging him/her to click and chat with one of your agents. Chat invitations may be sent automatically when a specific rule is met, or manually by agents who monitor the Visitor list.

LivePerson code uses four GIF image files with specific naming conventions to generate the chat invitation which appears on the visitor's screen. These four GIF images may be any size you want, but all 4 must be the exact same width.

emptyStringNOTE: Creating images with different sizes may cause display issues on your site.The table below specifies the four images which form the Chat Invitation.The first image is the main body of the chat invitation, as it is displayed when the visitor does not roll over it with his/her mouse. The second image is the "Close" button which enables the visitor to decline the invitation to chat. The third and fourth images in the table are the chat invitation body and "Close" button (respectively) as they are displayed when the visitor mouses over the invitation.

The file names must follow the exact naming convention as specified in the table.

File Name
Main invitation when mouse is not hovering over.
Close button when mouse is not hovering over.
Main invitation when mouse is hovering over.
Close button when mouse is hovering over.

To create a customized chat invitation:

  1. Once you have created the graphics, upload all of the image files into a directory on your Web server (for example https://www.YourWebsite/images/liveperson).

    emptyStringNOTE: Ensure that the images are named in accordance to the table above and that they are all placed in the same folder. The LivePerson code will look for these specific files when loading your invitation and any minor error in the naming or location of these files will impair functionality.

  2. Log into your Admin Console and select Visitor Experience > Chat and click the Invitations tab.
  3. To create a new invitation, click New Invitation.
  4. Insert the URL of the folder which contains your LivePerson images into the Image Path field.

    emptyStringNOTE:   URL must begin with "https://" and should not end with "/".

  5. Click Apply and make sure the invitation is displayed correctly in the Preview Invitation area.
  6. Click Submit All Changes to save the invitation.
  7. Use your new customized invitation in your Visitor Rules.

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