This article explains how to add code that allows different invitations on different pages when manually inviting visitors.


When manually inviting visitors from the Agent Console, the console sends the default invitation as defined in the Admin Console. By adding the following code below the monitor tag, you are able to assign that page a different invitation:
<!-- BEGIN Monitor Tracking Variables -->
<script type="javascript">
if (typeof(lpMTagConfig.pageVar) == "undefined";){ lpMTagConfig.pageVar = new Array();}lpMTagConfig.defaultInvite = 'xxxxxxxxx';
<!-- End Monitor Tracking Variables --> 
NOTE: Replace xxxxxxxx with the exact invitation name as it appears in the Admin Console.

To add this code:
  1. In your LivePerson Console click Admin Console in the Maintool bar. The LivePerson Admin Console appears.
  2. In the left navigation bar, click Account Set Up Page Code Builder. The Page Code Builder Page is displayed.
  3. In the Page Code Builder page, paste the above code below the monitor tag inside the Get Your Monitor Code area.

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