The chat window is cropped

Possible cause:

The most common cause for this issue is when using LivePerson's Legacy Chat Button style in conjunction with incorrectly defined chat buttons.



There are two possible solutions for this issue:

Solution 1 (recommended solution):

The solution requires that you migrate from the "Legacy Look" chat window to the "Classic Look" chat window.
  1. Enter the Admin Console
  2. Click Visitor Experience > Chat > Window Editor (tab)
  3. Change your Chat Window style to Classic Look
    emptyStringNOTE: If your account has Multiple Chat Windows you will need to select the window you wish to apply changes to.
  4. Change the Window Skin to Classic Look and click SAVE ALL 
LivePerson's Classic Chat Window look should compensate for any incorrect tagging by readjusting to match the size of the window look, even if the actual chat button code is defined to open a differently sized window.Solution 2:

The solution applies to situations in which your chat button has been tagged with incorrect dimensions.
  1. Enter the Admin Console
  2. Click Visitor Experience > Chat > Window Editor (tab).
  3. Check the dimensions of the chat window.
    emptyStringNOTE: Dimensions may differ from account to account. Default dimensions are 472 x 320.


  4. Specify the correct chat window dimensions in your chat button code. The chat window dimensions appear in your chat button code as following:  (lpButtonCTTUrl,"chatXXXXXXX","width=472,height=320,resizable=yes")

  • If you are not proficient in HTML, it is recommended that you simply repeat the deployment process by generating the new chat button codes.
  • For best results, we recommend that you use the default size settings. Should you opt for a larger chat window, we recommend that it be no larger than 25% of the width and height of a full browser window.

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