The Ticket Agent Survey is a survey that is presented to your agents each time they release a ticket. If enabled, this survey is located within the Release tab in the Agent Console. Typically, the survey is used to add comments about the ticket, or to categorize the ticket.

emptyStringNOTE: If you use only one Ticket Operator Survey, you can simply set it up using the following instructions. If you use more than one survey, we recommend that you use rules to assign the relevant survey for each ticket.


To enable the Ticket Operator Survey:
  1. Open the Admin Console.
  2. In the navigation menu click Account Set Up > Cross-Channel Set Up > Operator Forms (tab).
  3. In the Select a Form Typedropdown list, select Ticket Operator Survey.
  4. Click New Question.
  5. In the Question field, enter the question to be answer.
  6. In the Answer Type dropdown list, select the type of answer to be entered by the operator.
  7. Click Updates Done. The question is added to the Operator Survey.
Tip: You can further customize the Ticket Operator Survey by including HTML in the Survey Heading. To view Ticket Operator Survey responses, do ONE of the following:
  • Open the Admin Console and go to Content Management > Email > Ticket Export.
  • Search for and open the ticket in the Agent Console, and then click Details.
To assign the Ticket Operator Survey with rules:
  1. In the Admin Console, go to Rules > Ticketing Rules > Select the relevant rule type > Add Rule.
  2. Set the relevant conditions for the assignment of this specific Ticket Operator Survey.
  3. In the Actions, set Type - Tickets.
  4. In Action, set Set Operator Ticket Survey.
  5. Choose the relevant survey, and save the rule.

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