Visitors are not receiving manual invitations on my web site.

Possible cause:

  • No LiveEngage/Monitor Tag on the customer's web page
  • Wrong version of  LiveEngage/Monitor Tag on the customer's web page


Step 1: Replicate the Problem
  1. Get the web page URL from the client and browse there.
  2. Ask the client to send you a manual invitation.
  3. If you do not recieve, the invitation, continue to the next step to troubleshoot.
Step 2: Verify that the Customer's Web Page(s) is Monitored
  1. While browsing the client's web page, login to the client's Agent Console.
  2. Verify that you are monitored and displayed in the Visitor list. 
  3. If you are not displayed in the Visitor list, verify that the monitor tag is embedded in your web page (see instructions in the step below.)
Step 3: Locate and Check the Monitor Tag
  1. Go to the web page that should be monitored and select View Page Source. The "view-source" tab opens and displays the web page's HTML code. 
  2. Search for the Monitor Tag (search for either "Liveperson", "mtag" or "lptag").
  3. If the tag is not there, ask the client to embed the Monitor Tag in all of their web pages.
    For more information see LivePerson Enterprise Manual - Page Code Builder section (Core) or Implementing LivePerson on Your Website (LiveEngage 1.3).
  4. If the Monitor Tag exists, check which platform the invitation is sent from (LiveEngage or Core Admin Console), and check if the Monitor Tag corresponds to the platform (Mtag for core Vs LPtag for LiveEngage).

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