The Named Surveys feature supports the following types of surveys:

  • Pre-Chat
  • Exit
  • Operator
  • Offline

For each type, you can define multiple instances of the survey. In a basic implementation, the LivePerson chat button and monitor codes contain a tag variable specifying which instance is to be used. You can also use Rules to decide which set of surveys to apply.

Each named survey defines the following information:

  • The survey content (questions, headings etc.)
  • The primary language of the survey
  • A name for the survey (must be unique among surveys of that type)
  • Default status – one survey must be designated as the global default

The global default is used when there is no other means of determining the survey to choose for a visitor – i.e., no tag variables, business rules, or skill defaults can be applied.

emptyStringNOTE: This feature is part of the Profiles package.