The email management automation option allows you to define the following:

  • Auto-Acknowledgement - Upon receipt of an incoming mail from a visitor, an email is automatically sent back to the visitor confirming receipt of their email and informing them of their ticket/enquiry number.
    You can use rules to create a different auto-acknowledgement templates depending on specified conditions (eg. content of body, sender email address, etc). This is a standard feature which is included in all Contact Center Accounts.

emptyStringNOTE:The remaining features on this page are optional extras. Please contact your account manager for further details.

  • Auto-Responder (Knowledgebase Auto-Responder) - LivePerson searches the knowledgebase based on the content of the incoming email and automatically sends out an email with suggested articles. In this email, the client is asked if these KB articles satisfactorily answer their enquiry. If the visitor selects 'no' the ticket will then be escalated to an operator.

  • Escalate Ticket to External System (External Escalation) - This allows for escalation of an email to another CMS/CRM system.

emptyStringNOTE: Note that with this feature enabled for one or all skills, all tickets escalated will be sent to the specified external email address.

  • Email Transcript Rule (Chat Audit or email Alert rule)- This provides the ability to send a chat transcript by email (usually to an administrator) based on the value of any specific custom variables.
    This could be used in a variety of different events such as : the answer to a pre-chat or exit survey question (e.g. satisfaction="poor"); the content of a chat includes the text "great service"; etc.
    The subject line of the email that is sent can be customized and its possible to specify multiple email addresses to receive the transcript.

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