You can include a chat button in your outbound emails from LivePerson to allow your visitors to easily contact your accompany via chat.


emptyStringNOTE:  This content is not relevant for customers that use the LiveEngage platform.

  1. Use the Page Code Builder in the Admin Console to create the button code. Start at Account Setup > Page Code Builder > Chat. Select a button image from our image gallery or specify your own custom image URL as you would with any chat button. Move straight on to the Advanced Options section, to set any skill, operator or other variables you would like your chat button to include.
  2. Email Templates include a macro which will automatically populate with the ticket id of the outbound email. Click to add a New Tracking Variable. A common variable used in Email Template buttons is the Ticket ID. Use the name Ticket and the value $!{}. Set the scope to Visitor Scope and check the Add to Button Code.

    If your email program has JavaScript restrictions, you may opt to use a chat button which does not contain Java. You can determine that in the Advanced Options section of the Page Code Builder. Simply check the "Remove JavaScript from HTML Tags" check box, and proceed as usual.

    • Use macros in your chat button to populate operator names, skills and other details. 
    • If you are adding the chat button to your Gmail or Outlook account, please disregard the above step as these systems are not programmed to assign or recognize a ticket number.Click on the Get HTML Tags tab or press Finish. Use the Button Code in your email template (Visitor Experience >> Email >> Templates). When the email is sent out from the LivePerson Operator Console, the ticket number will automatically be populated in the code of the chat button. When your visitor clicks to chat from this button the ticket ID will be presented to your agent in the Info Tabof the chat.