Macros are commands which are dynamically populated with current information. Using the identifier macro in a Canned Response results in the visitor's name, as it was entered in the Pre-Chat survey, to be displayed in the content of the Canned Response.

This article explains how to create a Canned Response containing a macro which inserts the chatting visitor's name during a chat, based on the identifier variable from the Pre-Chat Survey.


To insert the visitor"s Name macro in Canned Responses:
  1. Log into the Admin Console and click Content Management > Chat > Canned Responses. The Canned Responses page is displayed.


  2. Click the Canned Responses to be modified. The Canned Response Properties are displayed.
  3. Click Add Entry. A new Canned Response is added to your Canned Response page.
  4. In the Macro drop-down list, select Custom Variables.
  5. In the text field, enter the variable identifier and click Insert. The macro $!{vars.get("identifier")} is automatically added to the Response Text field.
  6. Click OK > Update All Changes. The new Canned Response is saved to your Canned Response page.

Custom Variables

emptyStringNOTE:  You can add the content of the Canned Response to the Response Text field, before and after the macro command. You can further edit the Canned Response to have shortcut keys just similar to other Canned Responses.