Canned responses are predefined phrases which save the agent time and ensure consistency when engaged with visitors. Sending a canned response may be useful at the beginning of a chat session, for example, to welcome the visitor. During the course of the chat, a canned response can be used to ask the visitor for important information.


1. At any time during a chat session, select Canned then Pop Up or click  in the Chat toolbar. 
The Canned Responses window is displayed. You can also use the F4 key to open the Canned Responses window.

2. Select the required canned response. Text responses are organized by categories and displayed by title. Selecting a title displays the full text of the canned response in the lower text box, as shown in the figure.

3. If needed, edit the selected response in the lower text box. The modified text is sent to the visitor, but is not saved to the canned response list.

4. Click Send to send the response to the visitor immediately or click Add to add the canned response to the text entry area of the Agent Console. You can then add to it or edit it before sending it.The Canned menu also provides shortcuts to canned responses. Categories of text canned responses appear as options in the menu and the actual canned responses in each category appear as sub‑options. 

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