Live Chat is all about providing superior customer service to visitors. That's why LivePerson has introduced a unique rating system to measure the actual quality and availability of the live chat services provided on websites. Using the Star Rating means that you are committed to providing world-class customer service and support. It is our recommendation that you choose to use the Star Rating feature to strengthen customer loyalty and show your commitment to offering your customers a high level of service.

NOTE: This content is not relevant for customers who use the LiveEngage platform.


If you want to remove or disable your LivePerson Star Rating icon from all your buttons, the easiest way to do so is to disable Star Rating in your Admin Console at Reporting & Analytics >> Star Rating.
To remove or relocate the LivePerson Star Rating icon from specific buttons or pages, the directions will depend on the type of button in use. If you're not sure which type of buttons you use, please consult with Technical Support.

For Library-Based Chat or Call Buttons

Override or modify the CSS class ‘lpEmtStarRating’ in your internal or external CSS Style Sheet. For example:.lpEmtStarRating {display:none;

For In-Page chat or call buttons

Where you see the following code in the source code of your chat button code, simply remove:<a href='' target='_blank' onClick="''+escape(document.location));return false;" ><img src='' name='hcRating' alt='Customer Service Rating by LivePerson' border=0></a>

Replace SITEID with your account's site ID.
Replace DOMAIN with your LivePerson server domain (e.g.,