Chat Audit provides the ability to send a chat transcript by email (usually to an administrator) based on a variety of different criteria such as the answer to a Pre-Chat or Exit survey question (e.g., satisfaction="poor"), or the value of any specific variable or words used within a chat.emptyStringNOTE:
  • Chat Audit is an additional feature. If you do not have the rule type "When visitor leaves site", please click speak to a Product Consultant for more information.
  • The transcript email that is sent to the visitor has a predefined appearance. If you want to learn how to customize it read our community post.


To enable a chat transcript to be sent by email:
  1. Create a new rule with the context "when visitor leaves site" and type a brief description of the rule.
  2. The condition of the rule depends on your requirements. You can opt to search for when certain values were filled in by the visitor or when certain phrases were used in the chat by either your customer or the chat representative.
  3. In the Actions area, choose Type as Chat Audit, and then select one of the following:
  • Email this transcript - This emails a copy of the chat transcript to the address specified in the Email field. The email will appear to arrive from the specified sender. Set the subject to help you identify the email. 
  • Forward transcript from visitor's email - Email a copy of the chat transcript to the specified address. The email will appear to arrive from the email address associated with the visitor. You can optionally set the custom variable to be used to extract the visitor's email address (this is typically the email custom variable). With the Forward transcript option, the visitor's email address is used as the originating address of the email.  The advantage is that you can simply click "reply" to email the visitor directly, however, if for any reason the delivery of the transcript fails (e.g., if your mailbox is full or disabled), the transcript email will bounce back to the visitor.
emptyStringNOTE: In both cases, you specify multiple recipients by creating a copy of the Action for each intended destination address.

To setup a rule that detects the value of a field in the exit survey perform the following steps:
  1. Select Visitor Experience > Chat > Surveys > Exit Survey and select the question you will be monitoring. The next window should show you the Associated Custom Variableof this field. Copy this value.
  2. Under Rules > Visitor Rules create a new rule with with the condition Variables - Custom Variables. Insert the survey variable name in the field below and the desired target of this value in the other box.

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