In the Agent Console, every chat transcript can be forwarded to a specified email address upon the completion of the Agent's chat.
NOTE:  The transcript email that is sent to the visitor has a predefined appearance.


To automatically send a chat transcript to an email address:
  1. In the Admin Console, go to Rules  > Visitor Rules.
  2. Select the Rule Type ‘When visitor leaves site’. Click Add Rule.
  3. Please type a name for the rule in the Name: field.
  4. Click on Add Action.
  5. Set the “Choose Type” drop-down box to ‘Chat Audit’. Then, set the “Action” drop-down box to ‘Email this transcript’. Fill in the following fields:
    • Email: The chat transcripts should be sent to this email address
    • Sender Name: The name that the email will be from
    • Sender Email: The email address that the email message will have in the “From” field.
    • Subject: The subject of the email message
  6. An example of how the Rule setup page should appear is displayed below:


  7. Once the required information has been enter, click


  8. Once the Rule Setup page is configured, click Update All.
  9. Click Submit Changes. The rule is now created, and all the chat transcripts of the account are sent to the specified email address.