The Auto Text Shortcuts feature allows you to type abbreviations and replace them automatically with full predefined phrases.
For example: Each time you type ROI during a chat, it will be automatically replaced with the phrase Returnon Investment.

In order to implement this feature, you need to create a text file with all the abbreviations and their full phrases and upload it to the Agent Console.


To implement the Auto Text Shortcuts feature:

Step 1: Create an abbreviations file

  1. Open Notepad (or Notepad++).
  2. Enter each of the abbreviations in a new line.
  3. Enter a tab-space between the abbreviations and their full phrase by pressing the tab key on your keyboard.


    • Special characters are not supported
    • The feature is case sensitive, therefore during the chat the abbreviations should be typed exactly as they appear in the file

  4. Save the file in a .txt format and select the ANSI encoding.

    save as txt

Step 2: Upload the abbreviations file to the Agent Console

  1. From the Agent Console click File > Preferences > Chat (tab).
  2. In the Auto Text Shortcuts section click Browse and select the text file that you created.

    chat tab

    NOTE:  If you modify the abbreviations file, upload the updated file to the Agent Console in order for the changes to take effect.  

  3.  Click OK to save the changes.

Step 3: Replace the abbreviations with the full phrases during a chat

While chatting with a visitor, type the abbreviation and press Space. The abbreviation will be replaced with its full phrase automatically.