ActiveX plug-in that is required for viewing the Scoreboard is not working/installed prope

Possible cause:

In Windows Vista and Windows 7, the plug-in installer does not operate correctly with the Microsoft Windows User Account Control (UAC).
Therefore, if you try to install an ActiveX plug-in (in order to view your Scoreboard),  while the UAC is enabled, the plug in will not be installed properly.
To allow a proper installation of the plug-in, you need to turn off the UAC before installing the plug-in. 


To turn off the UAC:
NOTE:  You should turn off the UAC on each Windows workstation that needs to view the Scoreboard.
  1. In Windows click Start, and then click Control Panel
  2. In Control Panel, click User Accounts
  3. In the User Accounts tasks window, click User Accounts
  4. Click Change User Account Control settings
  5. User Account Control Settings is displayed
  6. Set the slider to Never notify me
  7. Click OK
  8. Restart your computer
    NOTE:  After installing the plug-in, restore the previous UAC setting.