If you work with LiveEngage, along with the Analytics Driven Engagement (ADE), your visitor might be exposed both to offers and invitations in the same page.Analytic Driven Engagement uses rules to target the visitors, while LiveEngage uses segments. If a visitor belongs to a segment that was assigned to an offer and also meets the conditions of the ADE rules for chat invitation, the visitor will be exposed to an offer and also to a chat invitation.


To prevent a situation when a visitor receives a chat invitation after being exposed to an offer:
1. Enter the Admin Console.
2. In the left navigation bar click Rules>Visitor Rules
3. Click the RuleTypes tab. A Rules TypesManager window is opened.
4. Click When visitor enters page rule type. A RuleTypeDetails window is displayed.

5.  Click NewRule. A RuleTypes window is displayedemptyString

6. Enter the new rule’s name into the Name field and the rule’s description into the Description field
7. Click Add Condition. A drop down list appears
8. From the drop down list select Misc- Action Fired
9.  From the action drop down list select Engage with Marketing Content 

10. Click the green checkmark
11. Check the Stop processing after this rule check box
12. Click Update all. Ruletypesdetails window is displayed.
13.  From the button of the page click Submit all changes
14. Click Visitor Rules tab
15. From the View rule types drop down list select When visitor enters page
16. Click Record on the up arrow
17. Click the rule that you just created, and move it to the top of the list by clicking on the up arrow


18. Click Submit to save all changes