With LiveEngage, you can create offers (banners) with HTML, JavaScript and CSS. By coding, you can create dynamic offers with videos, widgets, forms, surveys, integration with social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), and more.
When writing the code for the offer, pay attention to the following recommendations:
  • The offer is displayed to the visitor within an iframe. Therefore, do not create referrals from your offer code to the code elements of your site (functions, styles, CSS).
  • Enter all the code into a single iframe. The functionality does not support multiple iframes.
  • Define the size of the iframe by entering the dimensions into the Banner size fields.



  • If you use images inside the iframe, make sure that their size does not exceed the iframe's size. Otherwise the images will be cropped.
  • Use the LPM_CLOSE function for the onclick event, to create objects that will allow the visitors to close the offer.
    For example:
    The following code inserts an image into the offer. When this image is clicked, the offer window will close.
    <img src="PATH-TO-IMAGE" onclick="LPM_CLOSE"/>
  •  Use the LPM_CLICK function for the onclick event, to reports the click event to LiveEngage.
    For example:
    The following code reports to LiveEngage that the link, that leads to Google, was clicked.
    <a href="URL-TO-DESTINATION" onclick="LPM_CLICK('');">Go to Google</a>
  • Host the offer resources (images / videos / scripts) on a server that uses the same HTTP (not-secure) / HTTPS (secure) protocol as your site.
    We recommend hosting the resources only on the HTTPS server. This will prevent appearance of mixed content security warnings.
  • Avoid using the following tags: doctype, html, head, meta, body.
  • In order to protect secure or/and confidential information (displayed to your visitors or collected from them), enforce session management.
  • Enforce appropriate anti-clickjacking measures.
    The recommended solution is using the X-Frame-Option with ALLOW-FROM value.


To enter the code into LiveEngage:

1. From the Create new offer page, click Code your own custom offer.emptyString

Createnewcustombanner page opens
2. Enter the code of the offer into the text window.


3. Define the size of the iframe, by entering dimensions into the Bannersize fields.
4. On the right side of the screen define the offer's name, location on screen, segment, weight, and other offer properties.
5. Click  Save