Automated targeting consists of two capabilities that automatically create segments according to data extracted from your Google Analytics account (and AdWords account, if it is connected to your Google Analytics account):

Web analytics-based targeting

Uses data from your Google Analytics account to analyze your site visitors’ behavior patterns (bounce rate, page views, average time on page and entry/exit points).
After analyzing this data, the capability automatically creates segments that determine which visitors to engage, when would be the best time to do it, and on which web page. 

Keyword-based targeting

Note: In order to use this capability, make sure your AdWords account is connected to your Google Analytics account.

The capability analyzes your Google AdWords data and rates each keyword according to the business value it provides (impressions, clicks, cost per click, revenue per click and the ROI drive for each keyword).
After analyzing this data, the capability creates several segments with keywords that provide the highest business value (each segment contains a different group of keywords). By using these segments you can engage your visitors with invitations/offers that relate to their search.

By using these two capabilities, you can improve the efficiency of your proactive engagements with visitors and increase the likelihood of a conversion.


  • In order to start working with the automated targeting capabilities, you need to connect them to your Google Analytics account.
  • Once a week the automated targeting segments are automatically updated with the changes in your Google Analytics and Adword accounts. However, you can manually trigger the update process at any desired moment.
  • As part of the update process, the segments that are no longer in use and are not assigned to any engagement, are automatically deleted. This keeps the segments up-to-date with the changes made to your website or in your Google Analytics account.
  • You can manually modify each of the automatically created segments. However, once you modified an automatically created  segment, it will no longer be automatically updated.