The LivePerson scoreboard provides live graphical statistics of your account. You can view up to six metrics in one scoreboard. You can create as many scoreboards as you want.

You can also create thresholds, so that if a particular metric goes above or below a specified amount an email alert message will be sent to an administrator.
For example: If your chat rate drops below a certain level, or the chat wait time exceeds the set threshold,  an alert email will be sent to the administrator.

The following parameters can be monitored:

  • Concurrent Chats: Current number of active chats
  • Max chats per CSR: Maximum per agent
  • Maximum Wait Time (sec):Maximum wait time for visitors entering chat
  • Chat Queue Length: Number of chats in queue
  • CSRs Online: Number of agents currently online - this refers to operators in an online state (which does not include Away and Back in 5).
  • Visitors: the total number of visitors currently on the site
  • Hot Leads: the number of hot leads (defined by business rules)currently on the siteHot Lead Rate: the percentage of visitors currently on-site that are hot leads
  • Invitation Rate: the percentage of visitors currently on the site that are hot leads and have been invited into a chat conversation with an agent
  • Acceptance Rate: the percentage of visitors currently on the site that have been identified as hot leads, invited to chat and have accepted the invitation
  • Chat Rate: The percentage of visitors currently on the site that are hot leads, been invited to chat,have accepted the invitation to chat and have started the chat conversation
  • Qualified Chat Rate: The percentage of chats that were designated as 'qualified' by the agent in the operator survey versus the total number of proactive chats

Once defined, your scoreboard will appear in the list. To see the live scoreboard, click the 'eye' emptyString icon for the scoreboard you need.

To view or edit the parameters, click on the name of the scoreboard.

If you wish to delete the scoreboard completely, click the trash can emptyStringicon.

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