Most LivePerson features are not affected by the pop-up blockers:

  • Chat Invitation banners are not generally blocked, as they are not actually pop-up windows but animated GIF images or html code.
  • The Pre-Chat Survey is displayed in response to a visitor clicking on a chat button, or accepting an invitation.  Again, this is viewed as a positive opt-in by pop-blockers and so blocking does not take place.
  • Chat Windows are displayed in response to a visitor clicking on Send in the Pre-Chat Survey (or in response to a chat button or invitation click, if no Pre-Chat is used).  No blocking occurs.
  • The ProActive Chat Window is usually considered to be a pop-up and will be blocked.  LivePerson detects this however and issues a Chat Invitation instead, which will not be blocked.

However some LivePerson features might be blocked by pop-up blockers under certain circumstances:

  • Pushed Pages may on occasion be blocked, however a clickable link will appear in the chat window which can link the visitor to the page. 
  • Yahoo!'s pop-up blocker is inconsistent. On occasion it may block a chat window.
  • For LIveEngage Users: Offers might not be displayed to the visitor, if the visitor's browser blocks pop-ups