If the Agent Console's spell check stopped marking misspelled words, or started marking correctly spelled words, follow the instructions below to resolve the issue.


Step 1:
  1. Log in to the Agent Console
  2. Click File>Preferences> Language (tab)
  3. Make sure that all the check boxes near Enable spell check are marked and that the selected languages are correct

    spell check

  4. Log off  from the Agent Console and then log on again.
    If the spell check is still not working, proceed to step 2 (below).
Step 2:
  1. Exit the Agent Console by clicking File> Exit
  2. Delete the language file from your computer:

    • If you are using the English spell check, the name of the dictionary file is en_us_4_0.jar 
    • If you are using any other spell check, the name of the file contains the dictionary used by the spell checker.
      For example: If you are using a Spanish spell check the name of the file will be sp_4_0.jar
  3. Operating system
    File location
    Windows 8
    C:\Users \your username\AppData\Local\LivePerson\spellchecker\
    Windows 7
    C:\Users \your username\AppData\Local\LivePerson\spellchecker\
    Windows XP
    C:\Documents and Settings\your usernamey\Local Settings\Application Data\LivePerson\spellchecker\

  4. Launch the Agent Console. This will generate a new dictionary file.