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LivePerson allows you to add dynamic content (music, videos, news, flash content, stock tickers and more) to your chat window layout. Providing Active Content in the chat window will:
  • Make your visitor's wait time for an agent more pleasant
  • Improve your visitor's experience while they're chatting
  • Increase your visitor's loyalty
  • Advertise special products or services
  • Deliver a stylish touch to your chat window


To add dynamic content to your chat window layout:
  1. Create an HTML page or any other web-based content page
  2. Set the dimensions of the page according to the Chat Window Skin that you have selected:
    • For the Legacy Chat Window skin: Height 180 pixels, Width 85 pixels.
    • For the Classic Chat Window skin: Height 180 pixels, Width 85 pixels.
    • For the Modern Chat Window skin: Height 106 pixels, Width 218 pixels.

      You can create content with larger or smaller dimensions. If you choose to do so, you may need to resize the chat window in order to accommodate the new dimensions
  3. Set the margin of the page to "0"
  4. Upload the file with the page code to to your web server
  5. Enter the Admin Console
  6. In the left  navigation menu click Visitor Experience > Chat > Window Editor tab
  7. Click on the Window name  of the window that you want to design
    Window Editor page is displayed 
  8. Click the Branding tab
  9. From the Select Image Type drop down menu select the Custom option
  10. Enter the URL of the file with the page code into the Image URL field
  11. Click Preview  to see the preview of the chat window
  12. Press Save All
    Changes take effect immediately