LivePerson enables you to create logical expression from rule conditions. It provides the flexibility to define a set of conditions without the need to rewrite them multiple times. It also allows you to define the order in which the conditions will be activated.
Each condition is labelled with a number.  In the logical expression field define the relationship between the various conditions, by using the conditions' numbers along with the  AND / OR operators and brackets( ). 
For example a simple logical expression is shown below:
The logical expression: (1 or 2) and 3, replaces the need to write two separate rules:
  • 1 and 3
  • 2 and 3
A green check mark is displayed as long as the logic in the logical expression field is correct. If the logic is incorrect  a warning message is displayed when you try to update the rule.

  • All the created conditions must be used
  • Each conditions can be used more than once
  • Only numbers AND, OR and brackets( ) can be used  in the logical expression  (all other words, including “NOT”, are regarded as invalid syntax)
  • Capitalization and spacing are ignored within the logical expression field
Below is an example of a more complex logical expression which contains many of the rules described above:emptyString


To add a logical expression to a condition:
  1. Enter the Admin Console
  2. From the left navigation menu click Rules>Visitor Rules
  3. In the Create Proactive Invitation section click Create New Rule
  4. In the Name field enter the rule"s name
  5. Select the Rule"s Type from the Rule Type drop down menu
  6. Select Logical Expression from the drop down menu
    logical expression

    A field, where the logical expression should be entered, is displayed

  7. Create the conditions that are required for your logical expression and type the logical expression
    emptyStringNOTE:  Each condition receives a unique number. This number is used when creating a logical expression

  8. Click Update All to save the rule