The Keyword-based targeting capability enables you to display engagements to visitors according to the searches they performed before entering your site.
Keyword-based targeting capability analyzes your Google AdWords data and rates each keyword according to the business value it provides (impressions, clicks, cost per click, revenue per click and the ROI drive for each keyword). After analyzing this data, the capability automatically creates several segments with keywords which provide the highest business value (each segment contains a different group of keywords). You can then assign these segments to your engagements.  
When visitors are referred to your site by a search engine, their search keywords are received by the Keyword-based targeting. If your visitors' search keywords match the segments' keywords, the relevant engagement is displayed.

Due to the Google secure search policy, engagements that were assigned with keyword-based segments are not displayed to visitors who were referred to your site by Google organic links.


To assign one of these segments to your engagement:

emptyStringNOTE: We recommend assigning the segments, which were created by the keyword-based targeting capability, mainly to offers.

1. Enter the Engagementstudio
2. Open the segment list and select the required segment


To view the segments that were created by the Keyword-based targeting capability:

From the menu at the top of the page hover over Segments and click Segments list.A list of all the segments is displayed. The automatically created segments are displayed along with the segments you created manually.


You can identify these segments by:
  • The letter A that appears to the left of the name. It indicates that the segment was automatically created. 
  • Search keywords condition type that was used to create this segment. The type of the condition appears to the right of the segment name
  • Labels Analytics, and Profile/Campaign that are assigned automatically to these segments.