Due to a recent extension to the Daylight Savings Time within Israel's time zone, some discrepancies may occur in the LivePerson capabilities that use the account's time zone settings. 

This capabilities are:
  • Shift Scheduler
  • Chat Transcript search
  • Online Reports
In order to avoid these possible discrepancies, we recommend changing the time zone settings of your LivePerson account from Israel to Europe / Athens.

NOTE: On October 27, when a Winter Time starts, we recommend changing the Time Zone back to Israel.


To change the Time Zone to Europe / Athens:

Step 1: Change the Time Zone for reports and the chat transcripts search
  1. From the Admin Console, click Reports & Analytics > Report Settings 
  2. From the Default Time Zone Settings drop down list select GMT+2 Europe / Athens

    gmt change for reports

  3. Click Update All

Step 2: Change the Time Zone for the Shift Scheduler
  1. From the Admin Console, click Account Set Up > Online Status > Shift Scheduler (tab)
  2. From the Site Time Zone drop down list select GMT+2 Europe / Athens

    gmt chnage time shift scheduler

  3. Click User Set Up > Skills
    A list of all the available skills is displayed

  4. Enter the settings of each of the skills (by clicking on the skill name) and check whether the Use specific time zone for this skill check box is selected.
    If the check box is selected, change the Time Zone to GMT+2 Europe / Athens
    gmt for time schedualer 2

  5. Click Update