You can direct visitors to a particular knowledgebase article straight from your website.
Use the the following link formats  to create links from your website to a specific knowledgebase article:
  • For articles with uploaded documents:
    https://[Your domain][Your account number]/cmd/kbresource/view_document!PAGETYPE?documentid=[Article ID]
  • For text articles:
    Your domain][Your account number]/cmd/kbresource/view_question!PAGETYPE?documentid=[Article ID]
emptyStringNOTE:  Only articles that were defined as public can be accessed by your visitors .


To locate the article's ID:
  1. Enter the Admin Console>Knowldgebase>Search &Edit
  2. Search for the requested article by entering text into the search field
  3. From the search results, enter the requested article
  4. In the URL of the article's web page, the ID is displayed after the documentid=