When a chat ends, the reason for the chat's termination is displayed in the chat transcript.


To view the reason for the chat's termination:
  1. Enter the Admin Console

  2. From the left menu click Reporting & Analytics >Transcripts

    The Transcripts page is displayed.

  3. In the Transcripts page, click List Sessions

    The list of sessions is displayed

  4.  From the Select a View drop down menu, select Tag Variables

  5. Locate the session that you are investigating

  6. The reason for the disconnection is displayed in this DisconnectedBy column

    The visitor closed the chat by clicking Close or clicked the red X.
    The agent clicked the Stop Chat button (next to the transfer button) and ended the chat.
    The visitor was disconnect due to the connectivity issues on their side. If a chat is disrupted or fails due to connectivity issues, the LivePerson system will wait for 40 seconds before it defines the chat as inactive and will end it.
    NOTE:  After clicking the Close button,  the visitor may still be able to submit the Exit Survey.
    If the visitor clicks on the chat button while they are still in a chat, the first chat closes and a new chat is opened.
    Some accounts have a feature that allows them to transfer chats between accounts. When this form of transfer occurs, the original chat closes and a new chat is opened on the second account.
    The agent logged out of the Agent Console while conducting chats. The chats are returned to the queue. If no agent answers the chat, the Disconnected By value of the chat is going to be RepLogout.
    The agent has disconnected from the Internet (usually due to a local Internet connectivity).
    A LivePerson server issue has caused the chat to disconnect.