When trying to view a logged chat transcript in Salesforce, the following error appears:

Possible Causes:

  • The session is still active – either the visitor is still in site or the agent has not yet submitted the Chat Operator survey
  • Chat Export was not enabled for the user
  • Chat Export is not working or suffers from latency
  • The Salesforce account is using incorrect information for the export
  • LivePerson’s URL was not "white-listed" in the Remote Site Settings


  • Verify that the session has ended – the visitor has left the site and the operator submitted the Chat Operator survey
  • Check that the Chat Export feature is enabled on your LivePerson account. If so, attempt to export the transcript using the direct chat export URL:
  1. Identify the server domain on which your account resides – Log into the Admin Console of your LivePerson account. Your server domain will appear in the URL as follows:


  2. Obtain the Real-Time Session ID – In Salesforce, open the Chat Transcripts tab. Click Go!


    The Real Time Session ID appears under the LivePerson Chat Id column of the results.


  3. Insert the Server Domain and the Real Time Session ID in the direct chat export URL, as well as you LivePerson account ID, username and password
Important: If the chat transcript export fails using the direct chat export URL, it is likely that the feature itself is disabled.
  • Make sure the information under the LivePerson Configuration tab is correct:
  • Ensure that the user you use in Salesforce has the appropriate permissions in LivePerson:
  1. In the LivePerson Admin Console, click User Set Up > Permissions, and select the permission group to which the user is assigned.
  2. Verify that the Run Reports, View Operator Transcripts and View Transcripts by Skill permissions are enabled for the permission group.