You can control the movement of the Chat invitation image from your Admin Console. You can select to have it float accross the screen, or prevent it from doing so.


  1. In your LivePerson Admin Console, navigate to Account Setup > Page Code Builder. 
  2. Select the Deployment type you need, then click Next.
  3. In the Invitation Options tab select select one of the following:
  • Floating image 
  • Static image : For Static, specify the screen position where the image will  be displayed (in pixels, From Top and From Left). If you enter only a From Top value, the image still scrolls but begins lower down the screen than at the point you specify.   LivePerson will create a new Monitor code which includes the positioning code. You should copy this from the Get HTML Tags  section and use it to replace the existing code in your web pages.

    You may also create the positioning code manually. The following code should be embedded just before the Monitor code. The variables act as follows: 
    • lpPosY : adjust vertical offset of engage invitation 
    • lpPosX : adjust horizontal offset of engage invitation (which will also disable the "floating" effect of the invitation) . You can use this with the X or Y variables or both together. If you use the Y only, the invitation will be repositioned on the Y-axis only. If you use X only, it will generate a static invitation (the invitation will not "float").
 NOTE: This feature does not offer a solution for the invitation showing behind Flash content.