Macros enable you to present any of the information inserted in a pre-chat survey or collected in custom variables on your pages to the visitor via a Canned Response.
This approach enables you to deliver Canned Responses with dynamic output based on your visitors' input or existing information passed through to LivePerson. Macros provide your Canned Response a more personal approach.
To the agent, the Canned Response looks like this:

Welcome to Discount Electronics visitorname! I see you are interested in productname. 

While the visitor will view the response as follows:
Welcome to Discount Electronics John! I see you are interested in HD TVs.


Step 1: In the LivePerson Admin Console, Open your pre-chat survey and click on the question which will contain the content you wish to display to your visitors.
emptyStringNOTE: To use custom variables embedded on your page, simply copy the custom variable name and proceed to step 3.
Step 2: Copy the "Associated Custom Variable" id. emptyStringNOTE: This will either be presented with a single word (eg. skill, email) or a unique identifier (eg. survey246810).Step 3: Add this to your Canned Responses in the LivePerson Admin Console, under Content Management >> Chat >> Canned Response.
The control sequence is inserted between curly brackets $!{vars.get("XXXXX")} - replace XXXXX with the associated custom variable from step 2.

Step 4: Save the Canned Response and test it in a simulated chat.
NOTE: As an agent receiving the chats, you will not see any literal representation for the variable. As a visitor, the value will be populated with the information as it was received in the pre-chat survey.