The Volume report summarizes critical chat performance time and event metrics.


To view the Volume report:
  1. In the Admin Console at Reporting & Analytics > Reports > Chat > Volume.
emptyStringNOTE: If your account currently does not have the reporting features which LivePerson has to offer, contact Customer Support.
  1. Specify the relevant time range and time zone.
  2. Click the View Advanced Parameters link before generating the report, to specify the operators / skills you want to run the report for.
  3. Click Generate to create the report.
emptyStringNOTE:  To receive an Excel spreadsheet of the report - select Excel under Report Format.After you run the report, you can select multiple options to view the details by:
  • Volume by Operator
  • Volume by Skill

What does each column mean?

volum report
  • Operator Engaged Chats - The number of Chats Started by an operator using the Engage or Invite command in the Operator Console.
  • Chats Started - The number of visitors (Chat Requests) who were accepted or auto accepted by an operator. This number represents all chats in which there was a connection between the operator and the visitor, even if the visitor did not respond. Each chat transferred in is counted as an additional chat.
  • Avg. Wait Time - The average time the website visitor  waits in the queue before Chat Started.
  • Max Wait Time - The longest time a visitor waited in queue before chatting.
  • Avg. Chat Length - The average time from Chat Started until the chat is closed.
  • Avg. Wrap Up Time - The average time taken for an operator to successfully submit the operator survey after the end of a chat. If the operator survey is submitted before the end of the chat, or the operator survey is not enabled for that chat, then no wrap up time is displayed. The average time is measured only for chats where an operator survey was successfully submitted and not for all recorded chats.
  • Avg. Handle Time - The average time an operator spends on a chat, from when the Chat Started to when the operator survey is submitted (if submitted) or the chat is closed.
  • Avg. Contact Time - The average time that the visitor was in contact with the LivePerson system. It includes the time they waited in the queue, the time they chatted with an operator and the time they took to fill out the prechat and exit surveys (if submitted) or the chat is closed.
  • Online Clicks- The total number of times visitors clicked the chat button while operators were online.
  • Auto Engage Chats - The total number of chats that were initiated by the LiveEngage feature and were then accepted both by visitors and the operators.
emptyStringNOTE:  It is essential that data is not compared between different reports. Some reports may calculate chat volume (for example) different than others. For example, In the Call Center report, transferred Chats are counted twice, meaning that if a Chat started in Skill A and was transferred to Skill B, it counts as a started Chat for both skills. However, in the Transcripts, transferred Chats are counted once, if a Chat was transferred to another skill, you can see the names of both Operators who handled it in the Transcript itself.