LivePerson Scoreboards can send an alert if visitor wait time exceeds a preset limit. The scoreboard counts wait time starting at the moment a chat is first requested from a chat button or invitation.

If you accept the chat and later transfer it to another agent, the wait time counter incorrectly includes the duration of the first chat.


  • Your Scoreboard is set to alert after 60 seconds wait time
  • You accept an incoming chat after it has waited 10 seconds
  • You chat with the visitor for 40 seconds, then transfer to another agent (total 50 seconds)
  • The receiving agent accepts the chat after 10 seconds (total 60 seconds)
  • The alert will trigger at this point, even though the visitor has only had to wait for a total of 20 seconds

The correct behavior is to count only the actual time the visitor spends in the waiting state.

LivePerson is aware of the above issue that relates to the Summer 2011 Update. The issue will be corrected in a future release.