This article dscribes how to create and embed surveys and feedback forms in email messages.
This feature helps you to identify trends; measure customer satisfaction, solicit feedback on response accuracy and agent service, and gain a precise understanding of your customer base.
At present, the feedback can only be viewed within the relevant ticket.
NOTE: This content is not relevant for customers who use the LiveEngage platform.


Step 1: Create a Satisfaction Survey form.
From the Admin Console select, Visitor Experience > Email > Standard Forms and select Feedback Form
Create the questions you would like to ask, and enable the survey.

Step 2: Add the Feedback Survey to your Outgoing Response template
From the Admin Console select, Visitor Experience > Email > Templates.
This template includes the feedback survey form link by default. If you've customized your Outgoing Response template, you can restore the Feedback Survey link by adding the following macro to the template:
#if (!$ticket.issecure && $ticket.includefeedbacklink) <a href="$ticket.feedbacklink" target="lpnewwindow">Rate this response</a> #endIf you have more than one Feedback Form (Satisfaction Survey), you will need to specify which form you would like to use, otherwise only the default Rate My Response feedback form will be displayed.
To do this, add the name of the survey to the macro. The name of the survey is added to the $ticket.feedbacklink macro in the template.
For example, if the name of your feedback form is MyFeedback, the correct code that should appear in the template would be:
// /p>
#if (!$ticket.issecure && $ticket.includefeedbacklink) <a href="$ticket.feedbacklink.MyFeedback" target="lpnewwindow">Rate this response</a> #end