LivePerson's Contact Center solution allows you to poll any POP3 and POP3S email address directly and easily to your LivePerson Agent Console.
The instructions in the article explain how to connect personal ( or company email account to the ticketing service, instead of using the ticketing service inbox)
This enables you to manage your correspondence with your clients in an easy and efficient manner.


To poll a POP3 or POP3S email address:
  1. Log into your Admin Console.
  2. In the left navigation menu, click Account Set Up > Settings > Email. The POP3 server list appears.

  3. Click New Server. The ADD/EDIT POP3 server screen is displayed.

  4. Enter the required information:

    • Server Address: The address of the POP3/POP3S mail server to be polled.
    • User: The login name for this mailbox. The format is usually only the user name, e.g. user1. Some POP3 implementations require the domain name, e.g.
    • Password: The password used to access this mailbox.
    • Mailbox(s): This field should contain all of the email addresses that are directed to this email box such as aliases, automatically forwarded emails, etc. The format for entering email addresses in this field is as follows:;;

      NOTE: If you do not place all aliases of the email address in this field, it  may result in internally looping emails.

    • Port: For a regular POP3 server, we support port 110.

      NOTE: For a secured POP3S server, the port should be set to be 995.

    • Pollrate: This value specifies how often LivePerson checks for new email in your mail server. The minimum interval is 60 seconds.

      NOTE: If your mail server is protected by any firewall or IP filter, you must set up the filter to allow communication with any IP address from the list of IP addresses associated with LivePerson available here.

    • Message Routing: The emails are automatically routed to one of the following skills:
      • Voice
      • Sales
      • Support
      • Billing
  5. After the required information is completed, click Update. The POP3 email address are configured for polling.