The Engagement Window is a new chat window design that offers, in addition to the existing functionality, new advanced features:
  • Ability to share YouTube videos
  • ADA Compliance
  • Ability to escalate chats to voice calls
  • Ability to customize chat windows and survey windows (by adding agent's picture, company logo, color scheme and widgets) 


To set up the Engagement Window:

1. From the LiveEngage platform click on the Admin Console link at the top right of the screen.

2. Select VisitorExperience > Chat from the menu.
left menu
A list of existing windows is displayed.

3. Click the New Window button.

new window button

4. Enter a name for the window in the WindowSetName field, and select the Engagement Modern Design window skin.

window editor

5. A message is displayed indicating that your current changes have not yet been saved . Click OK.

are you sure

A settings window opens.

settings window

6. Define the settings for your window:
  • Dimensions: Select the width and height of the window: either 340x760 or 360x760 pixels. Both sizes have an extended size of 1024x760 pixels which is the size of the window for the expanded media area.

  • Color Scheme: Select the color scheme you need. The options are currently: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Blue, Forest and Zen.

  • Collaboration Widgets: Check this box so that agents can use widgets in the Agent Console.

  • Email Transcript: Check this box to display an Email button in the Chat window, allowing your visitors to receive a transcript of the chat by email.

  • Print Chat: Check this box to display an Print button in the Chat window, allowing your visitors to print their chat transcripts.

  • Mute Button: Checking this box shows a Mute button in the Chat window. This enables visitors to mute a voice conversation.

  • Branding Header Image: Check this box if you want to show a customized header with your branding, and then enter the URL of the image. This should have a maximum height of 32 pixels.

  • Text Direction: Select Left to Right or Right to Left depending on the language of the chat.

  • Select Agent Image: You can opt to display an image from the Gallery, a custom image, or no image at all. If you use the Custom option, enter the URL of your own image, which should be 158 pixels high and 274 pixels wide.

7. Click SaveAll.

8. If you want this window to be your default, click the Set as Default link in the Window Editor.