This article describes how to capture web traffic to log files using Fiddler (free web software).
 Note: Fiddler is not part of LivePerson's product set. Although we recommend using it, LivePerson
       does not provide support for Fiddler.


The two main steps required to record web traffic with Fiddler are:
  • Setting Up Fiddler
  • Recording a Session

Setting Up Fiddler

Before recording a session, make sure the HTTPS option is checked as follows:

1. Download Fiddler (free software) from Download Fiddler Web Debugging Tool for Free by Telerik.

2. Open Fiddler and click Tools  -> Fiddler Options.
3. Click the HTTPS tab.
4. Select the options Capture HTTPS CONNECTS and Decrypt HTTPS traffic; then click OK to complete the setup.
 5. On the WARNING: Sharp Edges window that opens, click Yes to trust the Fiddler Root Certificate.

Trust the Fiddler Root certificate

6. On the Security Warning window, click Yes to install the Fiddler Root Certificate.

Install this certificate

Recording a Session

1. Click File -> Capture Traffic to begin capturing traffic.  
2. Once you've finished recording, click File -> Save -> All Sessions.
 3. If a Privacy Notice displays, click OK to approve. (A notice may display, the first time you save a session.)

  4. Enter a name for the recording file and click Save. The session is saved to the file you specified.