In order to display the Real Time Session ID variable in the Agent Console, you must create the variable and a visitor rule using the Admin Console.

Creating the Visitor Rule

  1. Login to the Admin Console and select Rules > Visitor Rules.
  2. Select the Rule Types tab.

    session ID 1
  3. Click When visitor enters site.
  4. Click the New Rule button.

    session ID 2
  5. Enter the name Real Time Session ID and the description Displays the real-time session ID variable as a customer 
    variable in the Agent Console, as shown below.

    session ID 3
  6. Don’t set a condition. This way the rule will fire for every session.
  7. Add an action:
    - Click the Add Action link.
    - From the Type list, select Variables.
    From the Action list, select Set Custom Variable.
    - Type a Variable Name (the variable name that will be displayed in the Agent Console).
      Recommended name: RTSessionID or RTSID
    - Type the Variable Value ${visitorInfo.rtSessionId}

    session ID 4
  8. Click the green checkmark button to save the action.
  9. Click the Update All button to save the rule.

    session ID 5
  10. Click Submit All Changes.


Viewing the Variable

After setting up the rule, every incoming chat will have a Real Time Session ID variable and it will be displayed in the Info tab, under Custom Variables.

session ID 6