This article describes how to overrideACD settings for a large group of users in a few steps, without having to update each user's settings individually, in the Admin Console.
The solution is to use a high priority ACD Attribute Set in combination with a new Operator Group. You create a new Attribute Set that overrides ACD settings inherited at the account level and/or from other Operator Groups, then create a new Operator Group, and set it to use the new Attribute Set.
Use case: You want to set all Manager, Supervisor, and/or Admin users not to auto accept chats.


  1. Create a new ACD Attribute Set:
    1. Go to Account Set Up > Settings > ACD tab.
    2. Click the New Attribute Set button.
    3. Type a name (e.g. ACD OFF) in the Set name field.
    4. Verify that the Auto Accept Setting is set to Off.
    5. Click Update to save your changes.
  2. Move the new ACD Attribute Set to the top of the Priority list, if there are other ACD Attribute Sets in the list.
  3. Create a new Operator Group:
    1. Go to User Set Up > Operator Groups.
    2. Click the New Operator Group button.
    3. Type a name (e.g. ACD Override) in the Group Name field.
    4. Add all users whose settings you don't want overridden (so they will not auto accept chats) to the group.
    5. In the ACD Attribute Set list, select the new ACD Attribute Set that you created above (in this example, ACD OFF).
    6. Click Update to save your changes.